How can I help you?

If you…

  • Are new to branding and marketing and have no clue where to start, 
  • Feel stuck in marketing your business,
  • Think your brand message can be more effective,
  • Want to launch a new product or service and need some extra umpphh!,
  • Want to increase your online presence,
  • Want more people to pay attention to what you are saying, or
  • Know exactly how you want to market your business but don’t have time


...then you’ve come to the right place! 

Why work with me

I write. A lot. I’ve written for lifestyle publications, business strategy blogs, education websites, e-mail newsletters, and social media. I've written video scripts, speeches, advertorials, e-books, and press releases. 

While I find writing incredibly fun, it's also something I take very seriously. It takes hard work, sweat, and hours upon hours to craft good content – just like whipping up a delicious meal. 

Like a good dish, a finished piece of writing should be beautiful and tantalizing, and also easy to digest. That’s my goal in every piece of copy I write.

That’s a craft I’ve spent over 6 years honing, ever since I took a high school elective course called “The Essentials of Communications” (yes, I was that nerdy girl in school, always hidden behind glasses and a book). Later on, I graduated with a Multimedia Journalism degree from Teesside University (UK) and racked up over 6 years of experience in the media, corporate communications, marketing, and now, as a freelance writer.

I have also worked with and managed teams of copywriters, designers, and developers, which enables me not only to write great content, but project manage a content marketing campaign or strategy end-to-end. 

One of my key strengths is my ability to combine a love for words with current best practices in creating digital content - I aim to bring something fresh to every project I work on!

A winning combination

As a freelancer, I’ve worked with some amazing clients ranging from technology start-ups to financial planners, social enterprises, and consultancies.

I’ve also worked on the client side before, so I understand how it feels to be a client as well as a service provider. I’ve had some great partnerships, and some not-so-great ones. And I’ve come to realize that a win-win collaboration must have these three elements:

MUTUAL RESPECT (I am a professional working with professionals) +

GREAT CHEMISTRY (working together should be fun!) +

A SHARED DESIRE FOR EXCELLENCE (it’s all about the vision and the outcome). 

I truly believe that when you have these three things, amazing work can happen and great relationships are possible. I strive to achieve these three things with every client I work with, and you know what? This winning combination is not as rare as it seems – it usually boils down to setting clear expectations and communicating frequently

Professional fees

While I do publish a rate card for basic services, I treat every project as unique and special. I don’t believe in billing just based on how many words I churn out – I would rather focus on understanding you and your business, and then figuring out how I can help you meet your goals.

If there’s something you're wondering if I can do for you, and it’s not listed in my Rate Card or Portfolio, don’t hesitate to get in touch! I’m always open to exploring a good opportunity. Or, if you just want to grab a cup of coffee, feel free to drop me a line as well. ;)